Chapter 10. Releases


Minor changes
  • #1332 remove pixel-based icons in the backend. They had been there for 14 years, the usage of an icon font is more modern.
  • #1333 use the lightbox for image is the backend. It is finally possible to click on a thumbnail and see the larger image version in a lightbox.
  • #1343 added a fallback for the case a template has the funny idea of replacing data-title with data-bs-title everywhere, even in places it should keep its fingers from. As a result, even in this case, the title will appear in the lightbox again.
Bug fixes
  • #1342 The module for the latest event can show the latest images, too. Now it can do this with different layouts without throwing an exeption.
  • #1346 With at least Joomla 5.1 RC2 there was an issue submitting the Event form with a non-english backend.
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