Minor Changes
  • #776 added the name of the site to the email subject for image reports/messages.
  • #781 improved the scale price editor. A new line will now show the next higher quantity value instead of always 2.
  • #782 delete old Picasa code.
  • #787 A line item has a new field for the original filename. This is useful if you sell images from Google Photos.
  • #789 Remove Google+ sharing option.
  • #788 If people buy images in packages we need to display the price of images better than just output it as zero. Now the price is marked as included with a package. Hopefully, this will decrease the amount of confusion for the price calculation of packages.
Bug Fixes
  • #777 Fixes thumbnail appearance for a message in the backend.
  • #778 The events module can now hide the navigation bar of the slider. You need to open the module configuration and save it in order to make this work.
  • #779 the installer deletes some invalid sql update files with every update.
  • #780 Fixes warning in case you use Google Photos in an article.
  • #783 Multi-language switches do not longer cause 404 pages if you show event1 as a menu item in one language and event2 as a menu item in another language.
  • #784 Fixes the social sharing button on the Ajax Layout.
  • #785 Fixes invalid encoding of the ampersand in sharing links.
  • #790 Fixes invalid cart calculatio for single package mode when a scale price for quantity 1 was not given.
  • #791 On an Event page, the breadcrumb path contains the current category path.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.