Minor Changes
  • #612 added support for a price flat rate for line items of an image type.
  • #622 the Events modules has a new configuration option to display events including sub categories instead of just events from the selected category.
  • #624 The order list now shows information about the connected user for an order.
Bug Fixes
  • #616 Image type sets can throw an exception in the back end if all image types are unpublished.
  • #617 localizable input fields do not work if the current user has HTML input filtering like the Default Blacklist enabled. It is not longer necessary to disable the filtering.
  • #618 render images of the content plugin as plain image tags so a template can care about the resizing.
  • #620 fixes an error message if a category assigned to an event is unpublished.
  • #619 the content plugin does now support references to files and events which contain the space character.
  • #621 resizing images using the download shipping method did not work as expected. Now the configured image size is taken into account.
  • #625 Fixes the error introduced with the update to Joomla 3.8.0: Unable to create a Logger instance: Joomla\CMS\Log\Logger\EventgalleryformattedtextLogger
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.