Minor Changes
  • #468 added a drop down for states and country in the address forms of the checkout.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes an issue with caching of modules. Related script/style files got lost which caused display issues. Using the static cache mode is not a good idea. All modules do now use the itemid based cache mode to prevent the loss of JS/CSS elements.
  • #470 avoids disappearing tags while performing batch operations for events.
  • #471 fixes the missing default value for some configuration options of the latest event module.
  • #472 fixes an issue with the module title of the latest event module. The event name disappeared after the module content was cached.
  • #473 the multilanguage editor did not worked with tinyMCE because of some changes in the Joomla layer. It was impossible to save content for the different languages. There is a workaround now and you can use tinyMCE again.
  • #474 on some servers we are not allowed to set the sender of a order mails with the value of the customers email address. The reply-to address for order mails will stay in place.
  • #475 removes the error message for the missing scale price if you create a new image type.
  • #478 the paypal plugin stopped writing log entries. Now it writes them again.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.