New Features

  • #533 an image type has a new attribute MaxOrderQuantity. You can use it to limit the maximum quantity for a line item of this type. Typically you want to set this for digital items so people can't order a digital image twice.

  • #534 Endlich ist die deutsche Übersetzung auch für das Backend mit dabei / added German back end translation

Minor Changes

  • #526 updated smarty template engine to 3.1.30

  • #530 the greetings field for a list of events supports now multiple languages.

  • #536 increased Facebook API usage from v2.1 to v2.8

  • #540 you can now preselect a country in the checkout address form so your customers don't have to search for it in the drop down.

  • #546 improved the sync database process a little bit. The possibility that people forget to press the sync files button should be reduced now.

Bug Fixes

  • #538 fixes an issue with saving something if it uses the localizable editor form field type in case the JCE editor is in use and disabled.

  • #539 countries in the drop down on the checkout address are sorted by display name now.

  • #531 fixes an issue with old SEF components which causes an error 0 - Class 'ContentRouter' not found;

  • #532 readds support for Google Photos albums in the content plugin.

  • #535 fixes class load issues with the new Braintree payment method on some hosts.

  • #537 fixes rendering of square sized Flickr thumbnails. Too small thumbnails where used as background images.

  • #541 fixes the missing paypal button on the order confirmation page and the order tracking page.

  • #543 fixes the redirect from image.php to index.php which will restore the good performance.

  • #544 the description of Google Photos images is visible again.

  • #545 fixes import isses in case you use only small (less than 2048px) images in your flickr album.

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