Minor Changes
  • #567 improved the error logging for Google Photos communication. If you want to see why things do not work you can have a look at the file /administrator/logs
  • #567 The Google Photos import has now an easy way to select a Google user id and is more talky regarding possible errors.
  • #574 fixes the occurrence of possible SQL errors during an update. The sql is now executed by the install script and fixes the database if necessary. The Joomla installer just tried to execute SQL which fails sometimes.
  • #579 adds some German translations for the plugins. Especially the PayPal plugin shows German copy in the front end.
  • #577 improved the uploader a little bit. It is now easier to follow the upload progress.
  • #587 improves the previews for a watermark configuration. The browser can’t cache them anymore so you always see the preview for the current configuration.
  • #588 added multi language association support for events. You can now switch your site language using mod_languages and the user will stay on the event page instead of going back to the menu item link.
Bug Fixes
  • #571 fixes the back button for events referenced on sub category pages
  • #573 a guest user was not able to see images in case an event was visible for guest users only.
  • #580 fixes the creation of multiple orders for one order. The invalid orders do not contain anything but an ID. It is safe to remove them using the back office.
  • #582 fixes the zip file creation. It was not able to fill the archive with the files since the encoding of the download links was wrong.
  • #584 the image selection button for the content plugin is not longer limited to a specific url. You can select the event and the image now.
  • #583 fixes the output of the content plugin if you want to use uncropped images.
  • #585 the social media button did not pick up the right image while using it in the ajax layout.
  • #586 sometimes the lazy loading did not load the images at the edge of the visible area. This is fixed now.
  • #589 added support for saving content with a disabled TinyMCE editor.
  • #590 the content button for adding an image tag to an article did not worked on sites running with https
  • #591 fixes the thumb URL for mails. Now we see thumbnails in a mail even if the event was protected.
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