Major Changes
  • #901 Added support for Joomla 4 CLI commands. You can run the CLI scripts now using cli/joomla.php. The separate CLI files are not longer supported while using Joomla 4 and are deleted automatically. Please adjust your jobs.
  • #893 Reworked lazy loading behavior. It is now much faster and uses modern browser APIs.
Minor Changes
  • #896 There is now a configuration which allows to show the image title and caption in the checkout. This will work for newly added items only since the title and caption are copied to the line item to keep it even if you delete the image later.
  • #903 Use the max image width as parameter for the lightbox to avoid showing zoom capabilities when there are actually none. Right now the lightbox knows about the original size of the image. So if you upload a 4500px image, the lightbox will zoom into a 1600px image. Images hosted on Flickr and Google Photos are not effected by this change.
  • #900 Allow default values in the image selection dialog for the content plugin. Check the component options for the available configuration values.
  • #906 It is now finally possible to hide the subcategories headline with a simple option instead of custom CSS.
  • #907 If you share an image and use the mini sharing page, then this page uses the title if the shared images as title-tag content. This will allow Facebook grabbing the image title. It seems to ignore the og:title tag.
  • #911 updated PEL library to read/write EXIF data.
Bug fixes
  • #854 Joomla 4 // fixes the slider on the blog layout. Before the fix, the slider expanded the page with and broke the layout. Thumbnails use the Bootstrap 4 img-thumbnail class. The cart and checkout forms support the Bootstrap 4 classes.
  • #904 Avoid exception of the number of events per page is configured to zero and the back button is enabled.
  • #908 fixed PHP Notice statements in route.php. They appeared while rebuilding the search index.
  • #912 The Google Photos album selector closed itself while using Joomla 4. That has been fixed.
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