Major changes
  • #1045 added a download log which can store actions of your visitors. You’ll be able to see download attempts of images and purchases. This feature is disabled by default. Go to the components options to enable it.
  • #151 Added an option to search for images using com_finder, the Smart search component. Please check the manual for details.
  • #151 In Joomla 4.1 the smart search component can show images. Event Gallery supports this now for local, Flickr and S3-hosted images.
Minor Changes
  • New S3 buckets will not allow setting ACL properies. An additional step is necessary to support this. The Amazon S3 part in the manual reflects this now.
  • #1047 show exposure time for Google Photos as a fraction instead of a decimal. This required reloading data from Google Photos. This happens at least every 24h if you don’t clear the cache manually.
  • #1049 if no payment or shipping method is available, the order edit page now behaves more friendly and shows some meaningful messages. If no shipping method is available, it hides the address form.
  • #1026 delete thumbnails of local files if the file gets deleted using the Joomla backend.
Bug Fixes
  • #1048 fixes an issue which caused problems saving details for an image because of a missing value for the URL field.
  • #1050 Modules need to create links to Events. If you have a menu item showing category, those links generated 404 pages. This is now fixed and the URL path contains the category correctly.
  • #1053 Joomla 4 // fixes the deletion of orders.
  • #1054 Fixes a rare issue with handling Google Photos image URLs. If image filenames contain 'w' followed by a number (eg. w1), the image got handled incorrectly in the frontend and did not appear.
  • #1055 Download of orders of Google Photos was broken with the new download logs.
  • #1058 Prevent an exception for fields with null value in the import/export function
  • #151 Joomla 3 works differently, the changes broke the image edit feature. It works now with J4 and J3.
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