New Features
  • #708 Added experimental support for the new Google Photos API. Please have a look at the Google Photos section in the manual!
  • #708 It is now possible to use multiple Google Account at the same time.
Minor Changes
  • #703 added support for Google Brand accounts. You can now select a Google Brand account and use your Google Photos albums from there. Please note that this now requires to provide access to your YouTube account. Right now I don’t see another way to allow the Brand account selection.
  • #705 avoid blocking site load if Google or Flickr do not answer requests. The connection timeout is now set to 2 seconds and the overall timeout to 5 seconds.
  • #709 to increase compatibility with some templates, the list of events uses a new CSS class name now. Instead .content it is .eg-content.
  • #712 The Latest Event and the Events module support random sorting of events.
  • #711 removes an old MooTools dependency from the Ajax Layout. This fixes the access to an undefined method pick()
  • #710 fixes the behavior of some modal dialogs. With the latest Joomla version there are some incompatibilities which are fixed now.
  • #713 avoid count warnings if you install a new language and make it the default language.
  • #715 data privacy: added a plugin to support the new Joomla 3.9 extension capacity page.
Migration Hints
  • #709 If you use custom CSS code which does modifications of the events list layout, make sure it still works. If not, check if you use the CSS class .content. If so, please replace it with .eg-content and everything will continue working as expected.
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