Minor Changes
  • #1158 Allow to limit the maximum size of Flickr images. Right now, it is possible to download the original Flickr image with the download button. The lightbox uses the h-(2048px)-image. Now you can limit the size to the k-(1600px)- or b-(1024px)-image by modifying the config.php-file and create an overload. Please check the manual for details.
  • #1161 allow different ITPC-fields for title and description. This change is available via config.php file only.
  • #1163 EXIF data: the focal length is now shown with its 35mm equivalent if available. Example for a 1.5x crop camera: 30mm (45mm).
Bug Fixes
  • #1154 Fixes issues with the ISO value in EXIF data written Pentax camera
  • #1155 If a password was entered incorrectly, the message should show up as an error message. Before it was the default success message.
  • #1156 PHP 8.1 // Remove deprecation warning on list of files in the backend
  • PHP 8.1 // removed some deprecation warnings
  • #1157 allow changing the folder name if the change includes only changes in upper/lower case spelling
  • #1162 Unable to save event descriptions if using the Arc-editor and multiple languages. If not all descriptions are filled, nothing was saved.
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