Major Changes
  • #1061 removed jQuery from the frontend. No jQuery anymore!
  • #1062 New lightbox! I updated to the latest version of PhotoSwipe. The behavior is a little differently than before. The configuration for automatically hiding the navigation is gone. On mobile devices, hiding the navigation is still possible and the picture uses the maximum of the screen.
  • #1064 Google updated the APIs to sign in. New Google Apps need new code to allow the usage of Google Photos. Please not the hint for the Redirect URLs while creating the Google Photos Account. If you don’t, you might run into a redirect_uri_mismatch error while getting the token for this account.
Migration Hints
  • Right-click protection is gone. I don’t want to maintain this options since it is useless but makes me maintain this code. Modern browsers make it very easy to download images. If you want to protect your images, use watermarks.
Minor Changes
  • Import/Export feature is gone. Made no sense for moving to another server since the introduction of support for categories and tags.
  • #1051 Payment and shipping methods have a new configuration field to decide of mails should be sent. If this option is set to Yes, the method will send out changes if its status changes. If set to No, payment/shipping mails are surpressed.
  • #1065 creating events is easier now because of improved technical fields. Those fields are not hidden, and you can take care of entering only relevant information like the folder name or the Flickr PhotoSet ID. The whole things is now called Image Source instead having a type and a folderid.
Bug Fixes
  • #1060 the systemcheck showed an SQL error. This is harmless but annoying. This error report is gone now.
  • #1066 the checkout page is empty if there is no dedicated menu item for the checkout. Having the menu item is no longer necessary but recommended.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.