Major Changes
  • #942 It is now possible to have watermarks for image types. This will allow you to sell watermarked images. This works for images stored on Amazon S3 or local images only!
  • #948 You can publish Events for a limited amount of time. There are new fields for the start date and the end date.
Minor Changes
  • #940 use the constant COM_EVENTGALLERY_IMAGE_NO_ACCESS instead of media/com_eventgallery/frontend/images/locked.png to allow simple overwriting of the dummy image path.
  • #945 improved the layout of the pay-now button for stripe by adding bootstrap button classes.
  • #939 The return URL for PayPal will show the customer a message that his payment is processed. Usually, it takes some time to receive the IPN and even after the payment, the pay-button is visible. This message should help to avoid customer confusion.
Bug Fixes
  • #941 prevent a warning causing a crash of the finder index CLI script when the smart search plugin for Event Gallery is enabled.
  • #943 The scrolling function in the add2cart dialog was broken. Clicking on the links to the different image type groups did not work.
  • #944 The add2cart dialog for Google Photos in the lightbox did not work.
  • #946 For the PayPal basic payment method you can define if the order confirmation mail is send before or after the payment. If you did not configure this option, the default behavior was wrong and mails got send only after payment happened.
  • #947 Fixes a crash of the smart search plugin in case the Google Photos update plugin was not active.
  • #950 Avoid exception while managing the files for an event if no image type set is published or assigned to an event.
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