Event Gallery Core

Available versions

Download Event Gallery Core.

Please file defects here: Issue Tracker. Same goes for any suggestion. If you need custom changes or new features, please let me know and we can talk about that: Contact me.

If you need to get support, you can get your subscription here: Subscribe now!. It also gives you access to Event Gallery Extended. A demo can be found here: Event Gallery 3 Demo

Event Gallery Extended

Available versions

This release category allows the download of Event Gallery Extended releases. Access is only allowed with an valid Event Gallery Subscription which you can get here: Subscribe

Event Gallery -  Development

Available versions

This category contains packages which are still under development. Don't try to use them on a production environment until you really tested them. Please file defects here: Issue Tracker

Event Gallery Translations

Available versions

Event Gallery ships with an English and a German translation. Sometimes people send over translation files for different languages. I can't bundle them with Event Gallery but I'll add them to this section so everybody can benefit.

Please note that I will not provide any support for those files. Do never add those files directly into the components folder. They'll get removed with every update.

Please read this article to get familiar how to use language files correctly: Customize Language Files

Translations are also hosted on GitHub. You can create your own translation package by following the instructions here. Feel free to contribute with pull requests. https://github.com/svenbluege/eventgallery-translations

Event Gallery Tools

Available versions

This category contains some tools I use myself or build them for somebody. Please don't ask questions about it, they are unsupported.

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