New Features
  • #772 the content plugin can now display images with a slider. The UI for configuring the content tag has improved and supports the slider configuration
  • Support for add to cart buttons is now available in the content plugin. To use this feature, you need to have the cart module on the page. Otherwise it’ll not work.
  • #287 Image type can be grouped now. This helps to display different product groups like prints or downloads with different sizes way better than before. In addition the rendering of the add2cart dialog has changed a lot. If you made changes to that part of the component, please verify if they still work.
Minor Changes
  • #802 The place where menu title and the greeting text is display has changed. For a list of events is is now placed before the events in the DOM. For categories is changed its position from below the sub category to above the categories.
  • #804 The download plugin for orders has a new configuration parameter to hide the download links to single files. If you offer a zip download option, customers are not longer confused by different options.
  • #805 Improve the line break behavior of long text/words in event lists by switching from word-break:break-all to word-break:break-word.
  • #806 Added an option to show a dedicated download button on each thumbnail. The social sharing option stay as they are, but people can access the download link faster.
  • #808 For an image type you can now define a number of free images. This is useful if you already sold a package with e.g. 40 images and the customers need to pay they select more.
  • This release contains changes to make it compatible with Joomla 4 Alpha 12. The backend is still ugly and not everything works as expected. But it works in general. I’m waiting for the final backend template implementation before I adapt the backend.
Bug Fixes
  • #803 fixes issue with spaces and special characters in folder names for the upload and the sync. The sync now supports this, the upload will show an error message. Please do not use any spaces and special characters in the folder name.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.