Minor Changes

  • #402 switched to CURL to get content from Picasa. This improves compatibility to some server environments. The file_get_contents fallback is still there.

Bug Fixes

  • #399 the content plugin missed fulltext support.

  • #405 fixes an issues with the category title and description. If the event gallery specific field is empty no, the Joomla! field is taken into account again.

  • #411 fixes an issues with the category title for the html title tag. The localized value is taken into account now.

  • #413 fixes the usage of the events meta description on an event page.

  • #415 the click to the ok button in the alert message after a finished cache clear process lead to the control panel.

  • #418 fixes a SQL exception if you try to add a new folder with a name which already existing with a different upper and lower case spelling.

  • #421 Content Plugin: hidden images were not taken into account. That's fixed now.

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