New Features
  • Mail templates. You can now define your own mail templates without the need of template overrides. Includes the option to add mail PDF attachments so you can distribute legal documents or things like this.
  • If an order gets paid, a confirmation mail is send.
  • The download shipping method can now provide links which allows your customer to download their paid images.
  • You can disable the shipping and billing form in the checkout and proceed with the email address as the only mandatory field. Make sure you use a shipping method which can work with the email address only if you disable those forms.
  • If you protect your events with user groups you can now show them in the main event lists. Use this to make your users aware of those events. By default all events are hidden which are invisible for the current user.
  • Shipping methods, payment methods and surcharges support percentaged prices.
  • If you upload images to a originals sub folder you can provide the original images of an event for download. This works both for the new download shipping method as well as for the download button. You need to create this folder and upload the files manually. There is not back end for this. You still need the smaller files for creating the thumbnails. If your server is capable processing the original large files you don’t need this feature.
  • #63 a new login form in the checkout address form allows the user to login. Once he logged in the current address data is stored to his profile. If he returns and logs in, those data is used to prefill the address form if it is empty.
  • #335 Added Font Awesome to replace the existing bitmap icons. Now you’re able to change to color, size and appearance of the icons more easy just by adding some CSS to your template.
  • #343 the quick edit click for a files title and descriptions is back!
  • #354 Most of the thumbnails are not longer cropped! I assume browsers can do a tiny bit of image scaling now so I’ll use this. In the past all images where loaded as unscaled background images. Depending on the size of the used thumbnails, parts of the image where not visible. This happens now only for some thumbnails like the ones in the first row of an image list if the first image spans over more than one row. Of course square sized thumbnails are still cropped.
Minor Changes
  • Added configuration option to enable form fields for company name and tax id.
  • It is not longer possible to save an outdated order data set. We have now a new column in the database which stores the version number of the row. If we try to save a data set with a lower number it gets rejected.
  • The smart search (finder) plugin does not longer index user group specific events if the public user group is not assigned.
  • The search plugin filters folders which are not visible for the current user in the search results. Users will get different search results based on their user group assignments.
  • There is now a little helper button which helps you adding a Picasa/Google Plus album as an event. You just need to enter the URL to this album and the user/album/key field are populated automatically.
  • It is now possible to create an URL which directly displays an order using the track order page. Until now this was impossible because of the use of a CSRF token. Since token this does not provide any additional security it has been removed.
  • If the ajax layout has to show just one page it will hide the paging bar now.
  • An order gets paid automatically if the order total money amount equals zero. This helps to speed up the process for free orders. In combination with the new download shipping method you can allow people to collect and download the images they want.
  • Reduced the number of buttons in the image type selection box and the cart module. The help button is gone now as well as the cart button in the image type selection. This should help to avoid confusion here.
  • The Paypal Basic payment method sends out a paypal form in a mail. Since this form does not work in all mail clients an additional link is now part of the mail. It opens the order tracking page for this order so people can use the Paypal form in the browser.
  • #337 instead of the global list limit a new configuration parameter in the components options defines the default number of images per page.
  • #334 use the title image of an event to render some semantic SEO information about the event.
  • #340 a new options allows to load a very basic responsive CSS file. This will provide an responsive layout for row based layouts out of the box. I recommend to define your own settings in your templates CSS file.
  • #341 improved the three links below each line item in the cart. They now have icons in addition to the link text.
  • #356 the lightbox now shows the add2cart icon if it is visible.
  • #359 added the social sharing button to the lightbox
  • #357 removed the full screen configration option for the lightbox. There is now only one light box size: full screen.
  • #353 you can close the lightbox with the browser back button now. It’s a bit hacky but it works by adding a url parameter. This behavior is supported by browser having the HTML5 history API implemented.
Bug Fixes
  • The Paypal basic button had invalid links if you resend the order confirmation mail from the back end.
  • It’s now possible to add a tag to a event gallery category without getting an error message.
  • #339 fixes 404 for image download links errors if social sharing is disabled. Now it’s possible to load the largest thumbnail instead.
  • #358 fixes an issue with the sticky image type selection and the ajax layout. The cart icon does now appear on the image.
  • #360 a tax rate 0 zero disappeard in the configuration of the shipping/payment/surcharge detail page. You needed to enter it over and over again.
  • #363 the export only exports tables which do exist using the current db prefix. This ensures the export works even if there are multiple Joomla! instances per database.
Migration Hints
  • This version is tested only with Joomla 3. While Joomla 2.5 might work it’s not longer supported.
  • Clear the server cache if you use Picasa Albums.
  • The way emails get generated changed. Please create an email template if you modified the new order email. Localization keys and templates are not longer used.
  • If you overrode any code elements they might break due some code optimizations. Please make sure you test this update in a test environment.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.