Migration Hints
  • #1243 CSS has slightly changed for square sized layouts both for a single event and a list of events. Please check if your custom CSS needs an update.
Minor Changes
  • #1202 add links to tools like cache clear, sync database and the thumbnail creator to the dashboard. The left menu is much shorter now. All menu items which are related to configuration or are supposed to be not used very often, are gone. Use the overview or the need dashboard to see all available option.
  • #1225 If a customer orders the same image in different sizes, the zip file can now contain that file multiple times. Also, the download links now contain the display name of the image type to separate them better. The language key COM_EVENTGALLERY_ORDER_DOWNLOAD_LINK_LABEL is uesed, you can change it if you don’t want to hide the image type display name.
  • #1242 The filenames of downloaded files contain the image type display name now.
  • #1243 Use CSS for square sized boxes. This makes the rendering smother since there is no need to wait for JavaScript to do something.
  • new tutorial video for Google Photos with a workflow update for 2023
Bug Fixes
  • #1205 Fixes deprecation messages while uploading a file with PHP 8.1
  • #1212 remove incompatibility of search index update events causing trouble uploading images
  • #1220 fixes issue while updating the search index using smart search and the Event Gallery plugins.
  • #1221 The module Latest Event did not use the Event title in the title. This is fixed. As before, it can work only if that module is uncached.
  • #1226 Fixes both search plugins for com_search. They threw an exception like Undefined constant Svenbluege\Component\Eventgallery\Site\Library\Helper\EVENTGALLERY_VERSION
  • #1236 PayPal notifications did not work because of missing cacert.pem files.
  • #1224 improved the navigation: every view which is not directly linked in the menu has an overview-button to navigate back. They also hide the left menu to avoid confusion.
  • #1240 The lightbox prevented focus events for the add2cart dialog which makes it unusable. It was impossible to increase/decrease the quantity or type a number directly
  • #1241 If a customer buys resized or watermarked images, he gets WEBP images delivered, but the file extension is JPG. As a result, opening those files is not possible.
  • #1244 If there is not a single menu item for Event Gallery, links like /component/eventgallery are created. They did miss the view name and returned a HTTP 404 error page.
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