New Features
  • #674 changed the handling of sharing stuff. It is no longer possible to share password protected or user group protected events by Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest. For all public events, the only sharing method is the sharing dialog. The old sharing types which need a Facebook application are gone. This change removes the Facebook SDK and improves GDPR compatibility of Event Gallery. Data is not sent to Facebook only if users perform a sharing action.
  • #675 added the option to prevent right clicks again. This works both for the lightbox image and for the thumbnails opening a lightbox. Just keep in mind that this does not protect your images.
  • #678 it is now possible to control the lightbox settings per menu item.
  • #680 GDPR-stuff: removed some external script references and added a new chapter in the manual.
  • #683 GDPR-stuff: added option to export all user data by email address.
  • #632 GDPR-stuff: removed the comments feature. Please note, the comments table will stay in place. You will need to delete the table #__eventgallery_comments yourself.
Minor Changes
  • #672 Improved the message if the update fails because of a missing DownloadID.
  • #682 Display the global values in drop downs in the menu item configuration. This makes configuration easier since you now know what the global value is.
Bug Fixes
  • #671 The download of a file in original size caused a warning because there is no thumbnail file to unlink. On some servers this broken the image download.
  • #673 The Events module showed an additional header in case ne of the events layout were used.
  • #676 added support for browser zoom. Zoom levels like 110% causes layout trouble with the image list if the first image spreads over more than one row.
  • #677 Responsive CSS loads before normal CSS. This caused some rules to not work.
  • #679 The slide-show works now on mobile too and stops if you change to the next image by dragging an image.
  • #681 Fixes Fatal error: Cannot declare class Stripe\Stripe, because the name is already in use in plugins/eventgallery_pay/stripe/vendor/lib/Stripe.php
Migration Hints
  • #632 comments are gone! But the table stays in place. Please delete it yourself if necessary. I don’t do it to not remove your data automatically.
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