This release focuses on Joomla 4 compatibility and brings some changes to the cart and checkout.

I will move away from the old version numbering, where the "3" was there for the last 8 years and follow a common version schema. A change in the first number will signal breaking changes. If you have overridden templates or custom CSS, you need to handle those updates with special care.

Migration Hints
  • Minimum PHP version raised to PHP 7.1! Smarty will not work otherwise.
  • There are heavy changes in the structure of the cart and checkout templates (cart, address, order and review pages). If you have customizations, they’ll break! Please double check your checkout after this update. In case of trouble, remove your template overrides and see if the new changes already justify your needs. The changes are already deployed on https://www.svenbluege.de/demo which might help to get an idea.
  • #989 Reworked the cart and checkout to leverage Bootstrap 5 cards. While doing this, a lot of the cart and checkout templates have changed. This starts with PHP files and ends with CSS classes and statements. If you have customizations here, they’ll break!
Address page
Review page
  • Event Gallery requires now the PHP EXIF extension to read EXIF data!
Major Changes
  • #982 the Stripe payment plugin can now be configured to allow payments with Credit Card, iDEAL, Sofort, SEPA, Przelewy24, Giropay, EPS and Bancontact. Stripe offers here an out of the box solution, not additional configurations necessary. It depends on your country if those methods are supported.
  • #989 Reworked the cart and checkout to leverage Bootstrap 5 cards. While doing this, a lot of the cart and checkout templates have changed. This starts with PHP files and ends with CSS classes and statements. If you have customizations here, they’ll break!
Minor Changes
  • #987 The download icon for Google Photos images will trigger a direct download instead of opening the image.
  • #992 The options for the checkout are regrouped and a new toggle is available to hide the filename in the checkout and order pages. This is useful for Google Photos and Flickr because they use long random character sequences which do not bring any additional value to your customer.
  • #996 The message field in the checkout can now be configured to be mandatory.
  • #1003 added a hint for the email template view to disable the HTML filtering while editing the template. Otherwise, HTML-tags will disappear and characters will be encoded which leads to errors in the template processing.
  • #1031 Update template engine for mails to Smarty 4.0.0
  • #1013 Joomla 4 // improve the message for a missing downloadid. A link to the update sites item is now provided to make adding the downloadid as easy as possible.
  • #1017 deleting a local Event will remove the generated thumbnails, too.
  • #971 adapt the sharing icon in the lightbox, so it looks like the sharing button on the thumbnails.
  • #1025 improve the EXIF reading to avoid exposure times like 1000/50000 or strange things like that. Event Gallery requires not the PHP EXIF extension to read EXIF data!
  • #1032 updated slider library Glide to 3.5.2
  • #1035 if the switch for overwriting data with ITPC data if off, the creation date of a file will get no longer an update. This helps if you manage this field manually.
  • #1023 The button to store the ordering for events and files in the backend was just an icon. To make it easier to find, it is now a button with a label.
Bug Fixes
  • #983 A text column can’t have a not null default value. This caused SQL exceptions on some systems.
  • #984 Joomla 4 // The Google Photos Album selector did not close after selecting an album. You need to do this manually.This is fixed now.
  • #985 Joomla 4 // Downloaded ZIP-archives for Google Photos contained files without file extension.
  • #986 The social share button in the ajax list layout stopped working.
  • #988 Invalid links in modules generated in case a menu item used the root category.
  • #991 Joomla 4 // The description of Events could not be saved.
  • #990 The camera model appeared twice in the EXIF data of Google Photos.
  • #998 Joomla 4 // remove warning on categories pages in the backend.
  • #1006 Joomla 4 // make the publishing dates for an event optional for users who did not do a fresh Event Gallery installation.
  • #1005 PHP8.0 // allow deletion of local Events which have no folder attached.
  • #1001 Joomla 4 // remove invalid warning on database issues because of some update files
  • #1015 Joomla 4 // stay within the Event Gallery component after saving a category item.
  • #1021 Joomla 4 // some modules and menu items had an issue with showing a proper category drop down. That is fixed now.
  • #1019 Unpublishing the Event Gallery smart search plugin resulted in a warning and the Events stayed in the search index.
  • #1022 avoid creating multiple categories with the alias uncategorized during the installation process
  • #1016 fixes the list of user groups in the Events batch dialog
  • #1024 it was not possible to open orders which contain deleted images.
  • #1029 Joomla 4 // fixed the broken watermarks of the watermark image was selected with the new Media Manager.
  • #1033 Invalid encoding of the image type display name caused JS error in the cart and checkout.
  • #1030 Joomla 4 // The links to cart, checkout and password page did not took the current menu item into account. Now, the links to cart and checkout will look for a dedicated menu item and use this. If no extra menu item exists, the current menu item is used to render a link. Also, the layout suffix is gone, too.
  • #1034 fixes an issue where Braintree as selected or preselected payment method did not initialize after page load.
  • #1037 avoid issues with closing the files list if at least one inline form for editing file content is still open.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.