New Features
  • #660 The lightbox supports having a slideshow (again).
  • #668 added option to configure the tag for the headline on the event page.
Minor Changes
  • #657 added a preview button on the Event Gallery overview page in the backend. You don’t need to create a menu item to check your uploaded files.
  • #661 Improved handling of the Google Photos Auth Token. It is now requested only once per request in case you configured that token wrong.
  • #667 updated Smarty to version 3.1.32
  • #668 sorted the configuration options in a better way.
  • #666 added an option to hide EXIF, filename, title and caption for an image both at component option level and menu item level.
Bug Fixes
  • #659 The switch for showing user group protected events in a list behaves wrong in the category list view.
  • #662 fixes an error which occurred if you want to sell images with just one image type. In this case the add2cart overlay did not open.
  • #664 the click on the buy-button icon in the add2cart modal caused a 404 response.
  • #665 While performing batch processing for cartability, we lose all tags for an event. We just need to mark an item as cartable in the list of events.
  • #669 Thumbnail creation for S3 file which require autorotate did not work. Only the smallest thumbnails was rotated correctly.
  • #670 The responsive CSS for the square layout was missing.
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