New Features
  • watermarks for events
  • new layout mode for showing a list of events. Just configure your menu item to use the new Tiles layout.
  • two new layouts for showing events. We have the tile layout which matches the new event list layout and a grid layout.
  • improved css for events list and image lists including displaying image title and caption on over.
  • option to import public Picasa albums as events. There is no sync option so removed albums will not be deleted in Event Gallery.
  • modules have a new configuration parameter which allows adding custom CSS classes
  • content plugin can include an event as image list
  • images will have alt attributes containing the title of the event and the title of the image.
  • new payment plugin for Paypal: Paypal Basic. This one will not force you to create API credentials and your own Paypal App.
  • there is a new option to make image lists pageable or not.
  • new configuration parameter to automatically show the image type selection on pages.
  • JS and CSS files are minified and concatenated now. This feature can be turned of by setting the component into debug mode.
  • new editor button to simplify inserting an event into an acticle. Don’t forget to activate the button plugin.
Minor Changes
  • modules take the legacy render mode into account
  • improved support for having the gallery linked by default menu item
  • component returns http 404 instead of 500 if the router was not able to resolve an existing view
  • removed magic list again. This type of list was just an experiment.
  • added link to lineitem in the cart to open event
  • stopped using icon- css classes. Instead the gallery uses evergallery-icon- css classes to prevent conflicts with templates.
  • allowed comments for picasa albums too. Note that you can’t enable / disable comments for Picasa images separately. There is only the global switch.
  • added error message if an invalid shipping method was selected for the cart.
  • the "open cart" button in the image type selection box is now a text link. The icon was too confusing.
  • removed behavior which hides the image type selection on event pages of the a resize event is fired.
Bug Fixes
  • fixed issue with Facebook Photo Share. Folders which contained space characters did not work. They do now.
  • fixes issue with Joomla 3.2 and html5fallback. One had to hit the save button on the checkout address form twice to submit the form
  • fixed bug while verifying incoming Paypal IPN message
  • the display name and description for the ajax list paging configuration was inverted.
  • the ordering of images of event in the back end was not the one you saw in the front end
  • link generation fixed in case you have a menu item pointing directly to an event. Now the generated links are way better.
Migration Hints
  • if you use a SEF plugin make sure you refresh the urls in case you encounter any issues
  • the magic list view does not longer exists. Reconfigure your menu items if you used it.
  • paging on image lists is now disabled by default. This applies to the pageable list too. So please reconfigure the menu item or adjust the global settings to let it appear again.
  • if your template overwrites parts of the view layout it might need adjustments.
  • HTML structure is only valid with HTML5 since I started nesting elements in a tags.
  • dropped IE8 support. It might work but I’ll put no more effort in fixing stuff.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.