New Features
  • #841 Amazon S3: you can upload images directly to Amazon S3 using Event Gallery. No separate client needed anymore. You can also delete images directly. On top, thumbnails are generated automatically while uploading files. Since this takes a while, the upload is slower than the one for local images.
  • Enhanced support for Joomla 4 Beta 1. The backend layout is adapted, many error pages which sneaked in during the Joomla 4 Alpha phase are fixed. If you encounter any trouble, please let me know!
Minor Changes
  • #833 Update the slider library GlideJS to 3.4.1
  • #834 Update the PhotoSwipe to 4.1.3
  • #835 Show the dedicated download button in the lightbox, too.
  • #836 adds an option to share the link to the current article instead of the event. This allows being more independent from the main component if you use the content plugin.
  • #817 Reworked the cache clear page to avoid using jQuery.
  • #817 Rebuild the selection dialog for the image content plugin to avoid the usage of jQuery.
  • #839 Avoid concurrency exceptions during updates of Google Photos albums.
  • #843 improved UI for the sync database process and the thumbnail creation.
Bug Fixes
  • #818 prevent too many images in the lightbox while using the slider. The lightbox picked up images from the clone slides.
  • #837 set the creation date of an event correctly if created via back office.
  • #840 Thumbnails in order confirmation mails do no longer go through the SEF process. This might avoid loading issues if parts of your site are protected.
  • #844, #846 remove some major errors on Joomla4
  • #849, #848 make the content plugin buttons for images and events work with Joomla 4
  • #850 Allow HTML in the additional title and description fields for categories.
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