Migration Hints
  • Minimum PHP version is now 8.0.0
  • Minimum Joomla version is now 4.3.0
  • If you use any template overrides, then you have to migrate them to the new structure. If you install the update and encounter errors, please ensure you don’t have any overrides in your template folder.
  • Picasa is gone, long live Google Photos! (see Major Changes).
Major Changes
  • #1165 Code-migration to Joomla 4 code structure is done. This is the first version which is compatible to Joomla 4, stating with Joomla 4.3, only. No more conditions for Joomla 3 and 4 are needed.
  • #782 Remove Picasa support. This update will delete all code which supports Picasa. It will delete all Picasa data, too. The Events will remain, so you can check what you need to migrate before you delete them. Please don’t confuse Picasa with Google Photos. Google Photos is not effected by this change.
Minor Changes
  • #1164 use the dashboard feature of Joomla 4 and offer a dashboard for the component
  • #1188 Using webp-images is supported now. Please note the support is rather basic. No EXIF/IPTC-support, thumbnails will not contain the ICC-profile. If you need all of this, using JPEG is still the better idea.
  • #1172 Show the supported cart types for each shipping method in the shipping method list in the back end.
  • #1199 The components options allow to set default values for the content plugin to embedd Events. This will help you in case you need to change the plugin settings every time to the same values.
Bug Fixes
  • #1201 Fix from 5.0.0: if a page loads the content plugin only, the necessary CSS/JS-files are missing
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.