Minor Changes
  • #685 sync database syncs now 25 files per request. This will increase the sync speed of files a lot.
  • #693 Email templates support now subjects with more than 255 characters.
  • #695 The latest events module supports now selecting events by category recursively.
  • #698 Added CLI script to calculate missing thumbnails for local files.
  • #702 Reduced the size of the generated source code by removing direct CSS styles for background attributes. Now background-size:cover is used. This might break in very old browsers.
Bug Fixes
  • #572 Amazon S3: if we sync files by generating thumbnails, meta-data of the image was not written to the database. The new Lambda function provides this data and Event Gallery writes it to the database.
  • #684 Under rare conditions the image list layout breaks if you change the window size. This happens if there are only a few images on the page and the scrollbar appears and disappears during the layout process.
  • #687 The events module layout outputs 'asd'. Nice, but nobody needs that ;)
  • #688 Lifted the 800px image height limit to avoid layout issues.
  • #689 improved the flickr layout. The thumbnails are calculated in a better way now.
  • #694 The Stripe dialog shows the correct currency now.
  • #696 The redirect from image.php to index.php takes HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO into account to avoid mixed content error message in case a thumbnail calculation is necessary.
  • #697 fixed handling of small Flickr files. If the k or h image is missing, the Flickr error image is not longer displayed. Instead we use the original image.
  • #699 fixed the rendering of the last image in the image list layout. On devices with a small screen the image ratio was wrong.
  • #700 custom sorting of local images was not possible if the global sorting was set to anything other than Ordering.
  • #701 fixes the behavior of caching too much in progressive caching mode.
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