Important changes
Minor changes
  • #1036 the calculated local thumbnails will no longer get a modification date in the future. To allow browser caching, those images have now a cache header for 24h.
  • #1036 a new configuration allows to add a bust parameter to image URLs for local and S3 image. This helps to force an image reload even if the images are cached in the browser. Use this option if you changed images like for adding a watermark.
  • #1039 added a check for valid mime types to the upload tool for local and S3 images. Allowed: image/jpeg, image/gif, image/png. If you try to upload something else, it’ll fail.
  • #1040 improve the form field behavior in the Joomla 4 backend. the field description will now appear below each field. Goodbye tooltips!
  • added the CSS class eg-outer-pswp to the outer DIV of the lightbox.
Bug Fixes
  • #1038 The stripe plugin throwed a warning if you did not save the new configuration in the backend at least once.
  • #1042 Avoid division by zero exception if image metadata are unknow. This might happen if the width/height of image can’t be read. Still, those images need investigation but at least they do not crash your site any longer.
  • #1043 the root category name "root" was visible in the category list view. Since it is not possible to change this name, it makes no sense to show it.
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