New Features
  • #771 added new layout for a list of events. You can now use the image list layout for events.
  • #774 allow images to be reported. Basically there is a new message object for images. Right now it is used so people can report images.
Minor changes
  • #769 Added two events which can be used to track if the lightbox opened or changes: eventgallery-lightbox-opened, eventgallery-lightbox-changed. You can use code like document.addEventListener("eventgallery-lightbox-changed", function() { console.log('changed');
  • #767 the Google Photos spinner is now configurable. Check config.php for details. The spinner image needs to be a SVG image and named sg.svg, but you can configure the path.
  • #773 A new options allows to disable watermarks for main images. Main images are the preview images for an event. They are marked with the star symbol in the backend.
Bug Fixes
  • #768 show the necessary elements to create Google Photos Accounts in the free version.
  • #770 fixes some more clear buttons in the UI. They still used document.id which is not longer working.
  • #775 Avoid JavaScript error on pages where an image list layout is used and the list of images is empty. That could happen on category pages for example.
Migration Notes
  • #774 you need to enable the reporting functionality in the social sharing options of the component.
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