New Features
  • #454 added Stripe as payment method.
  • #634 added support for a new price type. You can define a price per package now. This new kind of package is applied only once. The minimum price will at least be as high as the package price.
Minor Changes
  • #623 it is now possible to display thumbnails in the order mails/track order page even if they are protected by user group or password.
  • Decreased the timeout for getting a Google Picasa API token from 12s to 2s.
  • #518 added an option to a shipping method to allow hiding the address forms in the checkout.
  • #578 added an option to a payment method to hide/show it based on the cart type (digital, physical, mixed). This way you can hide payment method which would only work for physical items.
  • #631 improved reliability of the Google Photos import.
  • #640 Google Photos and local images can how show the exposure time which is part of the EXIF data of an image.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes the user select button on the Google Photos import page.
  • #626 fixes an issue with the new option for turning off lazy loading of images.
  • #633 avoids trouble with Braintree if a customer switches the payment method before the Braintree UI was initialized completely.
  • #635 if an events references a category which is offline, the router does not longer throws an exception.
  • #636 Servers without curl support or a missing curl_init method will not longer throw exceptions of you use Google Photos tokens to access your photos.
  • #637 the image set selection for adding an image to the cart was cached in case the Joomla! cache is active.
  • #638 fixes some count warnings with PHP 7.2
Migration Hints
  • #518 The option to hide address forms in the checkout ins not per shipping method. The option in the components options are gone. Please reconfigure your shipping methods.
  • The format of JavaScript files has massively changed. While they work like before you should check if your customizations still work.
  • To see the exposure time, please clear the Google Photos cache and use the Sync Database process for your local files. Both actions will trigger a reload of the image meta data.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.