New Features
  • new highly customizable checkout and cart feature.
  • plugin system for surcharges, shipping methods and payment methods
  • decreased Joomla 2.5 support. Still works, but looks kind of ugly sometimes.
  • new sort options for event list in the front end. It’s possible configure the sorting by name now.
  • global configuration for events and event views. This allows you to access the gallery without a menu item and makes the configuration of multiple menu items much easier.
  • support for intro text and main text for the event text field. Just use the normal page break button to create the intro and the full version.
  • ability to filter, search and sort event list in back end
  • restrict the visibility of events at user group level.
  • ability added to restrict sharing behavior for events
  • improved feedback while sharing image to Facebook
  • improved feedback if allow_url_fopen==false and albums from Picasa should be used.
  • added multiple sharing options for Facebook: Direct Photo Share, Feed Dialog and Share Dialog
  • usage of different cache folders for Picasa and image to increase cache usage and back end editing performance
  • Extended Version

    • PayPal payment method plugin
    • new plugin for embedding an event into an article
    • search integration with Joomla Search and Joomla Smart Search. Make sure you’ve enable the Content Plugin for Smart Search to get the index updated if you change an event.
    • basic module to display images of a specific event
    • module to display images from the latest event
Bug Fixes
  • fixed issue with sending a mail once somebody created a new comment
  • fixed a strange behavior of the captcha within some sessions. The captcha data is now generated once the single item page loads instead of during the captcha image loading.
  • fixes issue with the paging of the events list
Migration Hints
  • if you used direct links to events of the type Pageable List you need to update those menu items. Otherwise the layout will be set by the global setting for the event layout.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.