Important Changes
  • PayPal Adaptive and Braintree are no longer supported. PayPal Adaptive is no longer available for new customers since PayPal will shut down that API. Getting an account for Braintree is now very difficult, so it make no sense to support this for Event Gallery. You still have the regular PayPal-integration as well as Stripe-support available.
Major Changes
  • #1124 In the past, thumbnails used background images. This is hard to crawl. Thumbnails now use the src-attribute to reference the largest thumbnail, usually 1600px width. The srcset-attribute contains the adaptive image. Modern browsers do support the scrset-attribute and will load exactly the right image size.
  • #1131 Update Stripe payment plugin to support latest API version.
  • #1132 Allow to set the batch size and the parallel requests for sync database and thumbnail generation to adapt to slower servers or support the processing of larger images.
Minor Changes
  • #1110 the upload limit for images was fixes to 30MB. It now takes the server configuration into account.
  • #1106 do not create carts if the feature is disabled.
Bug Fixes
  • #1108 Image rotation was not detected in some photos if they do not contain EXIF but image rotation data.
  • #1111 Caching of the categories-module caused exception.
  • #1127 Remove Undefined index: view notice in router.php:38 in case the candidate for has no view key.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.