Minor Changes
  • #748 uninstalling any part of the package is now impossible. If you want to uninstall Event Gallery, you need to uninstall the package. This helps to not crash your site by uninstalling random elements.
  • #751 Render an HTTP404 instead of HTTP500 if an image file is missing. Errors like this might happen if you migrate your images from local storage to Amazon S3. Search engines still know the old thumbnail URLs.
Bug Fixes
  • #745 avoid duplicate key exception while updating google photos.
  • #746 since the table eventgallery_foldertype is not longer necessary, we don’t need to see an error on the system check page.
  • #747 Removed incompatibility with MooTools. The new Event Gallery - MooTools Compatibility Plugin is now not longer necessary.
  • #750 OG tags for a single image page did only show content of the event. Now the image title and description is taken into account.
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