New Features
  • Added Amazon S3 support including Amazon Cloudfront delivery. This includes the thumbnail handling as well. You just need to upload your files to S3 and use the sync functionality of Event Gallery to generate thumbnails and make those images available on your Joomla! website. To speed up the thumbnail creation you can use an Amazon Lambda function as well. Check the manual for details.
  • Reduced the number of possible thumbnail sizes from 26 to 13. Now Event Gallery generates the following thumbnail sizes: 48, 104, 160, 288, 320, 400, 512, 640, 720, 800, 1024, 1280, 1440
  • Added Braintree as a payment option. You can grab credit card and PayPal payments with one simple plugin now. Instead of having a redirect to PayPal or this PayPal pay button the payment process is now integrated in the checkout. The order gets payed immediately and there is no additional payment mail.
  • The content plugin can now add single images instead of a whole event. There is already a button for the editor but it’s just giving you a syntax help for the content tag. This will be improved in later versions.
Minor Changes
  • #479 thumbnails to longer contain the thumbnail image of the original file exif data. This helps a lot to deliver smaller image files to the browser.
  • #480 the Picasa album picker can now change the visibility of your albums. This means that Google Photos albums can be used directly with Event Gallery. It’s integrated into Event Gallery and usable stand alone: https://www.svenbluege.de/picasa/v1.1
  • #482 it is now possible to prevent writing a .htaccess file for all image folders using the components options. If you want to use images from the /images/eventgallery/[event] folder on your site you can use this option. Don’t forget to delete existing .htaccess files yourself.
  • #492 the icons on the images have changed. It is now much easier to modify them by CSS and they are placed in the same spot.
  • #500 the Events Module and the Latest Events Module can now sort the events by hits.
  • #504 you need to specify a category for an event now.
  • #505 added configuration option to hide/show the country and state drop down in a address form.
  • #502 added option to disable the IPTC data import from images.
  • #508 updated the Facebook API from v2.0 to v2.1
  • #516 added support for the Flickr description. It’s now copied over with every sync.
  • #443 set the creation_date for Flickr and Google Photos images. For Flickr we use the date_taken field and for Google Photos we use the published field of an image.
  • #509 if you login on the checkout page or on the order tracking page you’re redirected to the right page now. No need to see the user profile anymore.
Bug Fixes
  • #484 the cart button in the image type selection dialog didn’t work if the dialog was opened on mobile from the lightbox.
  • #485 the company input field was visible in the shipping address form even if it was disabled by the components configuration.
  • #493 adds some BootStrap2 markup for the add2cart pop-up in case you’re not using BootStrap2
  • #463 fixes duplicated breadcrumb entries for the categories view in case the menu item references a category.
  • #497 the buyer note for a line item does appear in the order confirmation mail now. Make sure your mail template contains this data. Otherwise this fix will not help you.
  • #498 fixes a rare issue where you get a random alert message "URL format not supported"
  • #499 prevents an issue with the Events modules which occurred if you use it multiple times and different values for the tag parameter where one tag parameter is empty.
  • #501 fixes the page size selection for the list of comments in the back end.
  • #507 remove the cache folder for Picasa, Flickr and smarty during the installation process to avoid any side effects.
  • #510 fixes a bug where the date for an event reappeared wrong because the time zone was not taken into account.
  • #512 fixes image size calculation for Flickr images. The lightbox showed only 800px images if the Flickr images are large files.
  • #513 takes the Flickr secret for h and k into account. This prevents error messages for larger images in the lightbox.
  • #519 fixes an issue in the back end where an order detail page throws an exception if an image type was deleted and used in this order before.
  • #520 fixes SQL exception on search component page in the back end.
  • #523 If you delete an order status which was used for an existing order the order tracking page threw an error.
Migration Hints
  • #504 since categories for an event are now mandatory you can use the batch operations to assign events to the Uncategorized category in case you encounter any issue.
  • #513 delete the folder /cache/com_eventgallery_Flickr to force a reload of the Flickr data.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.