You want to upload new images but you're out of disk space. I guess you all know this situation. Moving your images to Flickr or Google Picasa is not what you want. Actually Google Picasa is what you want if that would be supported after May 2016 which currently nobody knows. I have 4 GB images uploaded to my website. With its adaptive rendering approach, Event Gallery adds roughly 4 GB for the cached thumbnails. Too much for my new hosting provider. So I'm in need for a solution.

Amazon offers a cloud storage service named S3 where one can upload images. But how to generate the necessary thumbnails? That's the problem I'm currently working on. There are two possible solutions:

  1. Event Gallery generates the thumbnails by and uploads them to S3 by simple using the Joomla admin section
  2. Amazon Lambda automatically generates the thumbnails if you upload the original images
While the second approach is much faster, it'll not support the same rendering options Event Gallery offers. This is especially true for adding a watermark, an ICC profile and the EXIF data of the original image. Because of this I'm currently working to implement #1. Is this something which would be useful to you? Please let me know in the comments.

Event Gallery is a Joomla! gallery component.