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Coding, blogging, reviewing, photographing, RC-racing, full-time-jobbing. That takes a lot of time. Time which is missing for writing new articles and let this site look alive. So, I want to give you a quick update on how Event Gallery is doing. If you ask yourself: "WTF is Event Gallery"? Simple! It is a gallery component for Joomla. Display images from Google Photos, Flickr, Amazon S3 or your local webspace on your Joomla site. Modules, plugins, it is all there. On top, you can sell your images with a tiny e-commerce shop. But enough advertising. Event Gallery is around for 7 years not. At least as a public available version. I started developing it for Joomla 1.5! For Joomla 2.5 you had the opportunity using it too. We're now in the Joomla 3-age, but hopefully, this ends soon. Joomla 4 is around the corner (this time for real ;) and there are many changes necessary to adapt Joomla components to work with the new system. 

Nearly two years back I started with the first tiny steps to support Joomla 4 Alpha. Tiny in terms of spending weeks removing jQuery from the backend and implementing things with Vue instead. I thought great, that was easy. During the last few weeks I adapted my workflow to Joomla 4, migrated all the automated tests. The result: a huge pile of things I overlooked! The good news now: they are fixed and I can proudly say, that Event Gallery is ready for Joomla 4 and you can welcome it with open arms!