Minor Changes
  • #756 Google Photos // optimized the number of requests which are necessary to load a list of events.
  • #714 provide Google Photos in the free version but limited to display 30 images per album in the front end.
  • #765 Improved the Ajax layout to not load all previews initially. In addition the layout is now more responsive and uses flexbox to better align the thumbnails.
  • #766 Links to Event Gallery created by the tags component are now search engine friendly.
Bug Fixes
  • #757 tempnam uses now the Joomla tmp folder instead of the system default folder.
  • #758 Fixes price calculation for single package mode and quantity 1.
  • #762 The button for deleting the current search term for a list of events in the backend works now.
  • #759 Labels in the checkout forms have the class control-label now.
  • #760 the preview of Google Photos in the selection dialog for the content plugin works now.
  • #745 another try to fix duplicate key exceptions while updating Google Photos albums.
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