Migration Hints
  • #1252 the language key COM_EVENTGALLERY_MONEY_FORMAT uses now two strings as input. Before, it was a float value and a string. If you changed that key, please adjust it to get the correct money amount displayed. New value: COM_EVENTGALLERY_MONEY_FORMAT="%2$s %1$s"
  • #1269 If you use the cart connector, please adjust the pattern for the variables used in the link. Old: ${foo}, New: {foo}. No automated change will happen.
Minor Changes
  • #1251 better support for the image list layout if it is used in a container which uses border-box
  • #1256 allow selection H5 and H6 as headline size for an Event
  • #1254 add links to the account management for Google Photos and Flickr to the overview page.
  • #1252 Money values use the correct separator for decimals and thousands bases on the current langage.
  • Update Braintree SDK to 6.13.0. Still, this payment method is deprecated. Please switch to another one like PayPal or Stripe.
  • #1266 Improved compatibility for Joomla 5 Beta 2
Bug Fixes
  • #1253 The content plugin could cause an InvalidActionException when loading CSS/JS too late. Some components/modules/plugins prevent adding additional scripts. As a result, this can lead to missing parts on the page
  • #1257 better PHP 8.2 support // remove deprecation messages
  • #1270 Fixes an issue with creating a menu item using Event Gallery Core
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.