Minor Changes
  • #1292 local images / S3: If you upload images with the same name, the cached thumbnails will be recalcuated, so you don’t need to do this manually. Note: your browser might still cache those thumbnails, remember to refresh the browser cache, too.
  • #1292 local images / S3: a new button allows to delete thumbnails for an image using the list of files/images for an Event in the backend.
  • #1293 local images / S3: If an image becomes a main image (which is the preview for a folder), it gets a new thumbnail name. Now this thumbnail is generated automatically so no broken images appear on your site.
  • #1298 make the editor on an Event detail page taller (200px ⇒ 300px) because some editors use a large toolbar and there is then no room left for the content.
  • #1304 remove the option to unpublish image type groups. They are only a classification of image types, the publication-state has no effect on anything.
  • #1303 the cart button in the add2cart dialog is disabled until at least one image is selected
  • #1314 the content plugin can output a single image as a figure HTML element. This will output the image and its title and caption.
  • #1312 The image list layout will take changed CSS into account when resizing. That makes using the dev-tools of the browser a bit easier.
  • #1319 Avoid exception in the conent module and some modules if Event Gallery install failed.
Bug Fixes
  • #1305 support orders with zero payment while using Stripe as payment method.
  • #1299 Opening the list of orders for a registered user threw an error
  • #1306 Fixes broken links when using the Smart Search plugins in multi-language environments. This release fixes the index plugin, please re-index your content.
  • #1313 avoid an exception in the content plugin if the search index gets build via cli (e.g. by php cli/joomla.php -vvv finder:index)
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