Minor Changes
  • #793 updates the Stripe integration to use the latest checkout version. SCA can come!
  • #794 Google Photos: improves support for databases which support only small queries.
  • #795 The creation date is now read from the EXIF metadata if there is no creation date in the IPTC metadata.
  • #798 The OSMap plugin supports now menu items which point directly to an event.
  • #799 For SEO reasons, the download of images is possible even if that option is not visible to users. This is only true for images which are public visible.
Bug Fixes
  • #792 After deleting an event, every menu item which referenced this event was not longer editable.
  • #796 avoid exception in checkout if no payment method is available.
  • #797 ignore subfolders in S3 buckets to prevent exceptions.
  • #801 fixes an error in the sync CLI script which prevents adding new folders.
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