Minor Changes
  • #951 reworked the mini cart + add2cart behavior to do the next step in getting rid of jQuery in the frontend. This includes also some change in CSS classes in this area.
  • #953 removed the usage of jQuery for the swipe functionality of the Ajax lists main image.
  • #955 removed the usage of jQuery for the sharing and download buttons.
  • #957 removed jQuery from the payment/shipping method selection + from the Braintree payment method.
  • #957 removed jQuery from the checkout address form.
  • #957 removed jQuery from the cart page.
  • #960 the file search plugin for com_search can now display images directly using a new configuration options at the search plugin. If a user clicks a link in the search result, the event page opens and the lightbox shows the image immediately.
  • #962 The search plugin can now search for unicode characters. That helps to support Chinese content for example.
  • #959 The sharing dialog is now displayed as a modal.
Bug Fixes
  • #954 the option "Protect files" for local images still protected the main image folder even if this feature is disabled. That has changed now.
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