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Upload your images directly to your Joomla site. Include your Amazon S3 hosted images, Google Photos albums and Flickr image sets. Present your images to the world. Sell your images to your clients.


All the necessary actions for uploading and managing your images and orders can be done using the back end.


Use different display options to display your images in the way you want to. By using simple CSS you can customize the views for your needs.


The new cart and checkout feature lets your visitors create a collection of images. Once they are done, they can request them from you.


Event Gallery Core

Event Gallery Extended

Main Component
Local images support
limited to 30 images per album
no limit
Amazon S3 support
Google Photos
limited to 30 images per album
Google Photos
no limit
Content Plugin
Embed an event/album in an article.
Frontend upload
Upload local images to existing events from your frontend
Event Modules
Display your events in modules.
Categories Module
Cart Module
Payment Plugin
Allow your customers to pay with PayPal, Braintree and Stripe
Search Plugin
Integrate your events into the Joomla! search
Present your images using a slider in modules and articles.
Access to the latest version
Including previews and developer versions
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Every image can be opened in a lightbox. The lightbox allows touch gestures. Just swipe on your tablet or phone to see the next image.


Every view is built in a responsive manner and will adapt to the screen size. Just change the size of your browser to check it out.

Remote Images

Support for Google Photos, Amazon S3 & Flickr is built in. You have not enough webspace for all your images on your server? Upload the images to Google Photos, Amazon S3 or to Flickr and use those images directly on your website.


You shoot an event and want to distribute the images to a couple of people? Protect your Event with a password and send it to the right people only. Or use the Joomla User Groups to restrict access to Events. Add Watermarks to images if needed.


Group your events with tags and display them in different categories.


Let people download and share image on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.


Documentation is included in every installation. Just open the back end and navigate to the Event Gallery component.


Since the introduction of the Twitter Bootstrap Framework to Joomla! 3.0 this component makes use of it.

Want to see a demo of Event Gallery?

It brings Amazon S3 support, improved Google Photos album picker and other improvements. Make sure you don't miss the release notes for this version. Just visit the Demo Site to see all the different options.

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If you encounter any trouble with the component, please track an issue using the ticket system or use the contact form on this site.

Do you want me to add additional features? At least to file the request is pretty simple. Please use the ticket system for your feature requests or the contact form on this site. Don't hesitate to contact me for a customization.

The Manual

And finally, allow me to point you to the manual of the component. It is available in your back end once you install the component or directly on this site. The manual also contains information about the changes in each release.

The Manual

Tutorial Videos

Don't miss the videos I uploaded to YouTube: YouTube Channel

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Then get yourself the full package with Event Gallery Extended or download the free version of Event Gallery.

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