Major Changes

Exciting news, everyone! I’ve added a delightful new feature - Google Photos Shared Pages support! This shiny new add-on, which I have just added, is an experimental feature I’m positively ecstatic to share with you!

I’m aware some of you may have come across a little hurdle, with Google occasionally blocking API access. In many cases, creating a new application provided a way around this.

But sit tight because I’ve devised an even simpler alternative! Now, you can utilise Google Photos on your website without requiring an API! All you need at hand is the link to your Shared Google Photos album, and voila - you’re all set!


Want to hear the best part? You now have the ability to sort and edit metadata of those images in the Event Gallery.

However, to make way for this simple route, you’ll have to let go of image metadata like EXIF data. Nevertheless, I believe it’s a small sacrifice for a great gain.


Remember, this is still an experimental feature, so there might be a surprise or two along the way. That being said, as of now, there are no known issues looming on the horizon!

Happy experimenting and I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing your feedback! Power up your website with this new feature!

Bug Fixes
  • #1320 fixes the inline editing for files and orders in the backend.
  • #1321 avoid exception when uploading images with invalid exposure time in the EXIF data.
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