New Features
  • #113 a list of categories can now be displayed as a tiles. The images are coming from the first event of this category.
  • #602 added new add2cart behavior in case there is just a single image type in an image type set for an event. The user will not longer see additional options for quantity. Instead the image is added to the cart directly.
Minor Changes
  • #592 Show the no access image in case an image is not accessible for the current user.
  • #593 the Paypal basic link includes the current locale so customers will see the Paypal page in the right language.
  • #595 It is now possible to turn off the swipe support in a lightbox. If you want to support zoom gestures this might be a good idea.
  • #606 The download shipping plugin allows to disable the zip link.
  • #609 changes the way the sync process works. If you open the page initially there is not longer a change in the database. You need to click both buttons to sync folders and files.
  • #614 removed the link to a larger image in the new order email template. If you already created an email template yourself, you need to perform this change manually.
Bug Fixes
  • #594 If the fallback rendering mode was enabled, no images were visible in the back end.
  • #597 fixes broken images inn the back end if the image was not already calculated and the event is protected by password and user group.
  • #598 the initial install does not set the schema version which leads to warnings during the first update. This is fixed now.
  • #604 fixes error which is caused by deleted images which still exist in carts of users
  • #603 added config option to disable the zip link for the download shipping method.
  • #607 avoid showing Grantry framework errors if someone tries to access an image which does not exist.
  • #608 using the default tmp directory of the webserver fails on some shared hosting sites. The Joomla tmp folder is used now to avoid any issues.
  • #610 improved browser back support for the lightbox. You don’t need to hit browser back two times to change to the previous page after you closed the lightbox.
  • #611 fixed the configuration options for the pageable layout. They were not taken into account.
  • #613 fixes wrong paging behavior for categories. Paging of event had an effect on the categories as well.
  • #615 for Picasa images the add2cart icons did not change if you added an image to the cart of if it is already in the cart.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.