New Features
  • Switched to integrated Joomla Updater. Make sure you’re on Joomla 2.5.19 or Joomla 3.2.2 or newer if you want to update Event Gallery Extended automatically.
Minor Changes
  • A HTTP 404 is thrown if an event or file is not published.
  • There is a new option which allows to display the images of all events in random order. This option will apply if the chosen layout has no pagination.
  • There is a new field in the database which is used to count the hits for an event. This of course works only properly if no caching is enabled. Use the components options to make the new hit count visible. By default it is hidden.
  • The download button for an image now calls a download script instead of referencing the file directly.
  • The download script uses the configuration of the download button to allow the download. If the download if not allowed globally or for the event downloading of the file is not possible.
  • Added option to switch between full image downloads and resized watermarked images. Keep in mind that those images are used for social sharing too. Either they get your original files or those smaller watermarked files.
  • The description of an event supports content plugins.
  • Added support for running the site with https for picasa albums to avoid insecure content messages.
Bug Fixes
  • Unpublished event where accessible if you knew the id.
  • The resend mail action for an order confirmation mail respects a possible template override in the default front end template.
  • Fixes writing the Picasa cache twice. On older version there was a cache entry for the administrator and one for the front end.
  • Fixes a issue which occurs if you have a menu item of type "Categories" and a configured category. Images linking to events shown in this category produced incorrect links. Even events which are not show in this category linked to this menu items.
  • Fixes issue with surcharge calculation which occurred if a surcharge got invalid due to cart modifications. If no other surcharge was available instead the cost of the old one was applied to the cart.
  • Fixes sharing of images to facebook. Now we share absolute urls to the image.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.