New Features
  • #456 added a new sub menu in the back office which is calles System Check. It reveal some important settings and will help so speed up the handling of support cases.
  • #459 modules are cached now! This works even if you disable global caching but in this case you need to use the cache handler File.
Minor Changes
  • #451 Updated the Smarty template engine to 3.1.29
  • #466 Hide the price in the payment/shipping drop down on the address page in the checkout if money value is zero.
  • #467 Hide paypal button if the order total is zero.
Bug Fixes
  • #463 fixes displaying the menu item and the category in the breadcrumbs if the menu item references exactly this category.
  • #465 fixes an XSS alert a security scanner found. It’s actually a false alert at this place but this scanner should be muted now.
  • #469 if you use mass data sorting (drag & drop or the save ordering button) for events, assigned tags disappear. That’s fixed in this release. :leveloffset: 0
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.