New Features
  • #547 added more protection for the images. You need to use an .htaccess capable server for this. The image PHP scripts do now check if the user is allowed to see the image. This is true for password protected events and for user group specific events.
  • #390 there is a new button in your editor which you can use to add a single image to your article.
  • #117 A new option in the components options allows to show a back button on an event page. Please note this works best with menu items referencing a list of events.
  • #563 Added a shipping confirmation email. If an order gets marked as shipped, this email will be send. This email will be send automatically for free orders if the shipping method supports this. If you’re using the download shipping method, this mail will contain the download links.
  • #88 The download plugin does now offer the option to download all files in one zip. This works for Flickr, Google Photos, local and Amazon S3 images. If you expect very large orders the server might time out.
  • #567 you can use Google Photos albums without changing the visibility. Just open the components options and sign in with your Google acount. Afterwards you can use all your albums even if they are protected. Keep in mind you can use exactly one Google account for now. This does not effect private or public albums.
Minor Changes
  • #550 updated Smarty template engine to version 3.1.31
  • #555 Improves compatibility with some templates. The first resize event on a page caused a rerendering which was visible as a flickering. This does not longer happen if the resize event does not cause a size change for Event Gallery.
  • slightly improved the content button for adding an event tag to an article or editor.
  • #524 the content plugin can now show social sharing buttons for hidden thumbnails and lightbox thumbnails.
  • #488 move the suffle_images option to the sorting section of the event and the Events - List tab in the components options. It just makes more sense there.
  • #556 the order detail page in the back end shows now the filename and the folder name in addition to the thumbnail
  • #557 hide the VAT hint in the add2cart lightbox if VAT is disabled so you don’t need to change the value of localization keys.
  • #558 the generation of index.html, .htaccess and web.config is now implemented in a single place. You can check the config.php file if you want to change that content with the config_override.php file.
  • #561 added support for getting the fstop exif value for some cameras which use the FNUMBER field only. In addition the focal length is retrieved by the FOCAL_LENGTH_IN_35MM_FILM field before we fall back to the FOCAL_LENGTH exif field.
  • #564 removed old Picasa album url helper since those urls do not longer exist. You can use the new album selector instead.
  • #565 improved the sync dialog. The initial step is now implemented inline so you save a button click. If there are new folders they are selected once so you can sync them. The folders are now sorted by ordering descending.
Bug Fixes
  • #554 the grid list used too small image size for flickr images.
  • updated the PEL library to avoid issues reading EXIF data correctly
  • #559 The option "sharp original" behaves in the opposite way. That is fixed now.
  • #566 A change in the Joomla! core creates a new session if you log in. The result is a lost cart. The code does now take this behavior into account.
  • #569 fixes crash of the content plugin in case the referred event did not exist
Migration Hints
  • The URLs to an event might now contain the category slug. The old URLs will not break but you might want to have a look at them. This is especially true if you want to use the new back link.
  • If your images are smaller than 1600 the option "sharp original" needs to be rechecked. Have a look at the components options tab "images". During a bugfix the meaning of this option was fixes. Please clear the server cache so the thumbnails are generated again.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.