Minor Changes

  • #370 the lightbox can hide the navigation and information elements on non mobile devices. The delay is configurable in the components options.

  • #371 the login form on the checkout address page can be enabled/disabled using the components options.

  • #367 the content plugin supports hidden images. This is useful if you want to show only some thumbnails of an event in the article but more in the lightbox.

  • #376 the content plugin accepts encoded quotes in the content tag to support some html editors.

  • #392 added an option to disable the usage of address data stored at the current user during the checkout.

  • #393 changed the default view for an event to imagelist.

  • #396 added the option to add a password hint for an event.

Bug Fixes

  • #369 access to a single image page where the folder does not exist results not in a HTTP 404 instead of an HTTP 500.

  • #395 fixes an issue which occurs in a multilannguage environment where the items in a category need to be counted.

  • #387 if you add a new language it might happen that you see a JSON string instead of a localized string. With this fix you get an empty string instead.

All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.