New Features
  • #652 a new lightbox is there. Instead of colorbox I use now photoswipe.
Minor Changes
  • #649 changed the behavior of download links for images. It is not longer possible to download password protected images without having the password. This includes the option for sharing images. In addition the download option is disabled for all events which do not use social sharing.
  • #639 set the last modified date of a thumbnail to the value read from the thumbnail file. This will cause a reload in the browser if you refresh your local thumbnails.
  • #645 Updated to BrainTree SDK 3.28.0 to avoid PHP 7.2 deprecation messages.
  • #647 if the shipping method does not require addresses, the name of the customer can now be collected.
  • #641 Reworked the configuration handling. YOU MIGHT NEED TO MIGRATE!! See below.
  • #648 Update empty/broken Google Photos albums only every 60 seconds to avoid too much performance loss.
  • #651 added support for other image formats than JPEG if you use Flickr.
  • #653 reworked the upload so avoid unnecessary hassle with server configurations.
  • #655 Amazon S3 buckets with AWS Signature Version 4
Bug Fixes
  • #646 fixes method isDoSupportDigital not found exception in the payment back-end in case an invalid payment class is in use.
  • #650 the upload of images with special characters in the file name failed.
  • #656 Some system plugins broke the social sharing toolbox because of an invalid link.
Migration Hints
  • #647 since there are new fields for the user name in case you don’t collect billing/shippinng address, the email templates need to be adjusted. Otherwise you can’t use the new name field. The default email templates are already adjusted. You just need to copy over the new code.
  • #641 I reworked the component configuration from a code perspective. I’ll not notice that if you did not override any template. If you do, you need to migrate them!! You site will not work until you did. In short: params→get() is replaced with config→getLegacy(). There are now methods for almost all configuration options to avoid knowing the configuration keys.
  • #652 any modification you did for Colorbox will stop working with this release.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.