New Features
  • #814 Downloads through the download button can be restricted by user groups now. In the components options you can configure if you want to allow the download of low res files, original files or both. If the download of an image is not allowed, a redirect to a custom URL is possible so you can sell your subscription or anything else. If no redirect URL is configured, the user gets a plain HTTP 403 error page.
Bug Fixes
  • #813 the slider layout of the event module and the latest event module was broken. It now slides again and adds some configuration options for the slider behavior.
  • #816 shared links are always rendered with the HTTP protocol. Now those links take the current protocol into account.
  • #815 Table name #eventgallery_imagetypeset_imagetype_assignment was too long in some environments. It got renamed to #eventgallery_imagetypeset_imagetype
  • #818 Don’t use images in the lightbox if they are in the clone slides of the slider. This will avoid having too many images in the lightbox.
  • #819 Fixes exception while rendering the content plugin.
  • #820 Fix backward compatibility with mode=link in the content plugin.
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