Major Changes
  • #1077 Support private Flickr albums. Check the manual for details.
  • #1077 Support multiple Flickr accounts.
  • #1077 Support resizing and watermarking for sold Flickr images
  • #1077 Limit Flickr Albums to 30 images in the free version. If you’re a long-time Event Gallery Core-user, contact me, and we’ll find a solution.
Minor Changes
  • Some changes to be compatible with Joomla 4.2
  • #1083 improved layout of the Events list and the event edit page in the back office
  • #1090 Allow only 3 characters for the currency code configuration to avoid issues with creating line items later on.
  • #1092 By overriding the template /order/tmpl/default_raworderoutput.php it is now possible to customize the raw order output, so you can use this as input for a batch file or a Lighroom filter. This allows a better integration into your workflow.
  • #1095 You can override the number and size for local/Amazon S3 images by changing values in /components/com_eventgallery/config.php. Before you change this file, please read the header.
Bug Fixes
  • #1075 prevent error message if the linkmode in content tags is invalid
  • #1076 avoid image list layout issues if the browser has a specific zoom level
  • #1091 avoid issues with template which strip the data-title tag from thumbnail links to avoid showing 'null' as caption in the lightbox.
  • #1096 Flickr // the frontend showed blurry thumbnails because of loading too small images.
  • Removed a PHP 7.4 incompatibility which was part of Event Gallery 4.2.0.


    If you encounter issues and you can’t install Event Gallery 4.2.1, please open /components/com_eventgallery/library/Connector/Flickr.php and delete all occurences of EventgalleryLibraryFlickraccount|null. Then you can install the update. Sorry for inconvenience.


    PHP 7.4 gets security fixes until 28.11.2022, please update to PHP 8.0. https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php

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