Minor Changes
  • #1144 Hide the social sharing icon if there are no services selected and the download-option uses a dedicated button. This finally allows to have a single download-button on an image.
  • #1139 Digital order links can be revoked by setting the order to a payment status other than paid.
Bug Fixes
  • #1135 Fixes an excetion is a XHR-call if the cart-feature is disabled.
  • #1137 Fixes the behavior for thumbnails if lazy loading is turned off. A funny tile pattern appeared since the usage of background images is no longer supported.
  • #1138 OSMap plugin does not crash if a reference to a non-existing event exists as menu item.
  • #1146 Joomla 4 // adding new tags to Events with the batch process did not work
  • #1145 Removed invalid configuration parameter show_image_caption_overlay for the categories menu item.
  • #1151 Fixes the lightbox which was not working in the Ajax layout.
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