Migration Hints
  • To calculate AWS S3 thumbnails, Event Gallery offered two ways. The usage of an external AWS Lambda is gone since maintaining this makes no sense. Instead of adding video support there, I removed this feature.
  • If you use the Finder aka Smart Search plugins for Event Gallery, please delete the index and start a re-index process. The index entries have slightly changed their ID, which will cause trouble with duplicate entries in the index.
Major Changes
  • #1125 Experimental support for video added. For Google Photos and Flickr, video are supported without the need for any additional software. For local video and S3-hosted videos the MP4-format is supported. It is mandatory to have ffmpeg on your server to get some metadata and preview images for the videos. No ffmpeg , no videos or thumbnails! If you’re looking for good hosting, check https://uberspace.de/. Videos will appear with a player the lightbox only. Videos can’t be sold. Feedback on this feature is welcome.
  • #1059 the module "Latest Event Module" can now display the latest images across different Events. Sorting by file name is pretty easy, I recommend this method if you can use it. It is possible to sort images by creation date. This will use the IPTC creation date, the EXIF creation date and the file creation date in this order for a file. You need to run the "sync database" process for local images to get the file creation date. If you don’t maintain the creation date for your files properly, you can’t sort by data. Showing random images across Events is the last "sorting" option.
Minor Changes
  • #1272 the sync database process might stumble upon some files because they are not supported. Now you’ll see which file causes which issue, so you can remove those files.
  • #1196 it is now possible to use S3-like services like https://wasabi.com/ instead of the original AWS service by simply changing the endpoint in storage options the components settings.
  • #1278 change all tables to utf8mb4
  • #1125 change how Flickr image URLs are created. In the past the "farm" was needed and is replaced with "live" now to get URLs like https://live.staticflickr.com/31337/53220483457_xxxxx_o.jpg
  • #1281 the content plugin uses the shuffle-setting in the components settings or the Event and suffles the images if required. The offset-parameter is still in use and will reduce the amount of images which are shuffled in the end.
  • #1125 the content plugin for a single image can render a thumbnail which opens the video in a lightbox.
Bug Fixes
  • #1257 fix PHP8.2 deprecations
  • #1279 Fixes the finder plugins to support languages better + generate full thumbnails URLs to avoid issues with the Finder template for showing search results.
  • #1280 fixes a 404 page in the checkout. If no input for state is required, a database error happened. This causes the dispatcher to show a simple HTTP 404 page. This issue would occur if you started using Event Gallery before version 3.3.
  • #1286 Prevents a crash in the frontend if somebody adds a scale price which is not a number (like 5 EUR).
  • #1287 fixes a broken ajax layout. A JavaScript-error breaks the view when the cart icon is hidden for the Events.
  • #1288 fixes the filtering for local images in the list of Events in the backend.
All prices include VAT. The gross price will vary depending on the selected shipping country.